What’s it Worth?!


As some of you know, over the past few weeks Crystal and I have been on a new adventure raising support for our ministry in Colorado. The transition from a stable position in a local church to pursuing partnership with supporters from around the country has been an interesting one. I mentioned in my original support letter that we were going to be making this move in faith beginning this month. This means that we stepped out in faith before we knew what we’d actually bring in.

What I’m learning from this experience is that if this whole thing is going to work I MUST believe deeply and passionately in the importance of my mission! Anyone who has ever raised support for a new venture or received a letter in the mail or their inbox asking for such support will tell you that the whole thing can be a bit awkward. You’re asking for people with limited resources to give up some of that resource for you. It’s easy to start hedging the ask with timidness and apologizing. It’s easy to start saying people’s “No” for them. I found myself making excuses for people before they even gave me a reply. However something I listened to this week changed my perspective.

I listened to a talk a couple days ago and vigorously took notes as my perspective changed entirely! “What’s it Worth?” the speaker yelled. “What is your dream or idea worth to the world? Is it going to change people’s lives and make an eternal impact?” His challenge was that if it isn’t, then is it really what you should be spending your life doing? And if it is a life changing, world shaking, cause; than be shameless about asking for every penny anyone could possibly give you.

So here’s the conclusion I’ve come to!

Over the past 5 years I’ve seen God move in radical ways through our ministry and now at the crossroads of a new work I am SHAMELESSLY and UNAPOLOGETICALLY asking for you to join with me in helping us bring this message of radical grace to thousands of people! Im asking if you believe in me and the work God has called my family to do. Click the link below and sign up to partner with us monthly! If you don’t…Call me (720-271-2766) anytime night or day and I’ll tell you why it matters more than I can explain in one blog post! If you’re still not convinced I challenge you to pray about what God would have you do. We’re trusting that God is working in our favor and will put the pieces together to bring the dreams he’s put in our heart into reality.

Till next time, I’ll keep asking everyone I can find to join me on this journey!


The Bow Tie Plan!

Bow Tie PLAN

So! Some of you know that my wife and I are in the process of raising our support for the next 24 months as we pursue planting Denver Chapel (a new Journey Church in the Denver area).

Some of you may also know, that I have a love affair with the hand tied classic bow tie! I have quite a collection and they have become kind of like my trade mark. With this in mind, I began to think how I could use my love of bow ties to help me raise the support for our family.

So here’s the pitch! If you are willing to give $100 or more a month to help support us I will get a custom printed bow tie and commit to wearing it at least once a month! Maybe you’d like it to have the logo from your business or church on it… or maybe just your name or website! Whatever you want, I’m sure I will have all kinds of people ask about it (as my ties always start great conversations). And each one of those people will hear from me how amazing you, your company, or your ministry is!

So there you have it. Buy some advertising on my neck for any gift of $100 per month or more! Check out Crystal and I’s support letter HERE and click the link at the bottom to sign up for your monthly giving.

Let’s Be Partners

Dear Friends and Family,

Over the past 6 years I have been pursuing my passion of full time ministry through the planting and serving on the full time staff of The Journey Church outside of Denver, Colorado. Along the way, I have seen God work in some pretty incredible ways. For those of you who know my story, I’ll spare you the details, but to catch everyone up let me take a minute to share some of the highlights!

When I first arrived in Denver almost seven years ago, I had no plans of planting a church; but as is so often the case, God had other plans. I quickly got involved in a college ministry that became a church plant team in the Rocky Mountains. As a part of that group, I met my wife and found my calling. Planting a church has been an incredible adventure and has given me experience in almost every aspect of church leadership.

An Expanding Vison

Over the past few months, my wife and I have spent a lot of time in prayer seeking God about our future. We have spent weeks talking with the team around us about what our next steps will be.

 We have always felt that the vision God gave us in starting Journey Church was to plant churches across the Denver Metro area and to start a movement that would reach the nation!

However, it all started with planting a church in a rural town outside of Denver high up in the Rocky Mountains. For five years, we have beenbuilding a church in a small community where the majority of the population is unchurched. Planting a church in a small town has been both exciting and challenging, but more than anything it has catalyzed our desire to reach the lost at any cost.

After five years of faithfully serving, we’ve seen God grow our national influence through our story. Our pastor has become a voice to the nations through his books and writing, and we’ve been able to train and fund church planters across the country who are taking a unique approach to local church ministry. Now the time has come for us to plant a new church in the Denver area.

Come fall of this year, we will be starting to gather a team of leaders and volunteers weekly to talk about planting a new church in Lone Tree, CO that will bring the message of God’s radical GRACE to the South Eastern suburbs of Denver. We will be using the teaching, media, and resources from Journey Church to engage this growing and developing part of our beautiful city. We’re calling this new church Denver Chapel!

This is an exciting prospect because of the opportunity we see in one of the fastest growing densely populated suburbs of Denver. Lone Tree (Population 20K) is a vibrant and growing community tucked in between the two large suburban communities of Parker (Population 40K) and Highlands Ranch(Population 40K). With thirty plus new housing developments under construction and the HUGE potential for growth, we believe strongly that this city is ripe for a church like ours to be planted there.

A Partnership for Progress

With Journey Church deeply invested in it’s local community and it’s current operating expenses, our funding for this plant is resting predominately on the partnerships that I can create with those of you reading this letter. My wife and I have trimmed down our personal expenses and have decided to find funding outside of our home church to pay our salary for the next 24 months as we get Denver Chapel off the ground!

As of July, we will not be drawing any salary from Journey Church and are believing that God will provide our salary through likeminded partners like you!So here’s how you can help! Crystal and I are asking that you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this new adventure by committing monthly support for our first 24 months (We’re asking for $50/month per partner if possible).

Along with your financial support, we are hoping that you will partner with us in praying for us daily. If there is one thing that we’ve learned over our last five years as church planters it’s that having a prayer team on our side is necessary for our success as church leaders!

We are believing that this team of partners will be built quickly so that we can focus intently on the task ahead. We will be updating my blog (CortlandCoffey.com) weekly with the latest news on our progress and each of you who partner with us will receive personal email updates from us each week.

Your partnership means we can have a secure salary during this endeavor ensuring we can build a strong foundation for the future of Denver Chapel. We are looking forward to having you by our side as we set off on this adventure and are thankful for each and every one of you who will make it possible!

If you can commit to any monthly support or have other questions please leave a comment, email me at Cortland@DenverChapel.com, or give me a call at 720-271-2766 for details.


Cortland, Crystal & Zeke Coffey

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